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An indie game development company based in the heart of Olympia, Washington.

From Beyond: Prologue

A point and click adventure horror game, presented in haunting Nintendo inspired graphics and sound.

Dungeons the Eye of Draconus

A 3-player comedy brawler in the style of Golden Axe, but with a serious pair of unicorn balls!

Kobold's Quest

A 1 to 3 player co-op / competitive platformer, complete with hardcore baby stealing action!


William McDonald - Project Manager, Audio Engineer, Writer and Level Designer.


Danielle Dorsey - Concept Artist, Writer, Quality Assurance and co-Designer.


John Norman - Lead Programmer and Game Mechanics Wizard.

In the winter of 1910, professor Crawford Tillinghast mounted an expedition into the mountains of Europe. He went searching for a lost village shrouded in the myths and rumors of a bygone era. This is his story...

From Beyond Prologue is a Point and click adventure horror game, presented to you with haunting Nintendo inspired graphics and sound.
Atmospheric horror, reminiscent of the Kemco/ICOM classics Shadowgate, Uninvited and Déjà vu.

A classic MacVenture style point and click interface: explore the environment, open cabinets and doors, use items to discover the mysterious fate of this ancient, forgotten village.
• 8-bit NES era graphics and sound
• Real world logic-based puzzles
• Engrossing story with intricate subplots
• Multiple endings
• Classic Macventure style gameplay
• Larger than the original Shadowgate
Developed over a period of 8 months, From Beyond: Prologue is the first installment in what will be a short series of interlinked horror adventure games. A follow-up is currently in development with plans to be released sometime in 2019.

Designed and Written by William McDonald
Edited by Danielle Dorsey
Pixel Art by Fransiscus Nugroho
Illustrations by Michael Malkin
Music by Serviceshock
Are you ready for a multiplayer, early 90's, arcade brawler experience? Then mount up, charge your abilities, and ready yourself for a Golden Axe parody with a serious pair of unicorn balls!
Dungeons the Eye of Draconus is a one to three player retro arcade style brawler with both local and online multiplayer support, complete with mounts, multiple attacks, and varied gameplay, all reminiscent of Battle Toads and TMNT Arcade.
With a variety of enemies filling every stage, boredom is kept at bay as you and your friends battle through a bizzare fantasy world with a hilarious story complete with cut scenes, dialogue sequences, and professional voice acting.
Join Gleobryn the cleric, Rose the thief, and Bolax the barbarian as they journey through ancient mountains, fight primitive Kobolds, raid an orkish fraternity, and deal with all kinds of crazy characters in "Dungeons the Eye of Draconus".
As common folklore tells us, Werewolves turn by the light of the moon, Vampires are slain by sunlight, and Kobold’s hunger for the taste of sweet succulent baby flesh. In a "Kobold’s Quest", you and your Kobold Compatriots race to fetch one of the delicate morsels.
A "Kobold's Quest" is Co-Op Competitive Platforming at its finest! Help your friends get to the baby and then play touch football over a human obstacle course on the way back! But remember, Kobolds don't do frontal assaults. It's best to jump, dodge, and attack from the rear!
3 chapters of baby stealing fun await you with a fully animated story sequences complete with professional sound track. Experience a wonderful Story Mode in single or multiplayer, or play your favorite levels against your friends in Tournament Mode.
By land, by sea, and by air, death comes at you from all directions! But, it's ok to be curious, with a multi-pathed level system hidden Easter eggs abound as you travel through villages, castles, and wicked lairs in a quest that will make you worthy of the name Kobold.
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Who are we?

SuckerFree Games is a collective of Evergreen College Graduates who have grown up watching the game industry mature from the sweet juice of Atari into a fine PS4 wine. Our main goal is to be a part of it, adding a nice citrus to the blend and enhancing an already divine bouquet.

What do we want?

To live the dream, make sweet video games, build a game development commune, and show America the way to a fair and prosperous future.